How to Deal with Children Afraid of Syringes

It is common to see children afraid of syringes. In fact, not a few are screaming hysterically when seeing a syringe. Of course as a parent, you also have an important role in helping to overcome this fear. Syringes cannot be avoided by children. This is because many vaccinations that must be received by children are given by injection. If the child is afraid of syringes, it can hamper the vaccination process. Tips for Dealing with Children Afraid of Syringes There are several ways you can do so that children are not afraid of syringes. What is important, parents also need to be calm. It is not uncommon for parents to panic when their children will be injected. Parental panic just makes children more scared. As a parent, calm yourself down first before calming your child. Various ways you can do to deal with children who are afraid of needles, including: Give a smile to him Research shows, parents who say 'don't worry' or 'it's okay' actually make a
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